Eating Well Doesn’t Have To Mean Eating Expensive

Even Good Food Can Be Cheap!
Even Good Food Can Be Cheap!

One of the challenges I get from my friends who acknowledge me as a foodie, is that I am a snob who can afford to eat well. First off, I take offense to being called a snob . . . well, not really. I mean, hey, if you like to eat crappy tasting food, that’s on you. I like to eat good – whether I have money or I don’t have money.

I’m a freelance writer, which means there are months where the eating is good. It also means there are whole seasons where I’m barely able to scratch a living out. I’m not complaining, that’s the life I chose. But when things are going well, you cannot fault me for living high off the hog.

I like to eat, and because I like to eat I also put in a massive amount of time at the gym, and on the streets of Brooklyn where I live. I run Рa lot! The way I eat, I guess I have to; but here in Brooklyn they have a few pizzerias that are out of this world. I have been known to run for two hours, and walk into one of these eateries, sweat dripping down my face, smelling like a baby bear, and asking the owner for three slices of his best stuff.

I’ve done this on several occasions, and I get a few weird looks, but it’s my life. Well, for splurging like that I can easily spend $20. Twenty bucks on an afternoon snack – what the heck? Here’s the thing; when I’m in my broke phase, which happens less now, but still manages to find it’s way into my life at least once a year, I will not frequent these quaint eateries.

Instead I make food at my home, that tastes pretty close to the real thing. One of my favorite dishes I put together, I just so happened to find at one of my favorite blogs as well – the For half the price I can eat even more slices of my favorite pizza, and feel even less guilty about it – because I got to save some money! Whoo hoo!

So, if you’re in a tight spot, and money isn’t flowing into your coffers, then you need to become resourceful, instead of focusing on your lack of resources. Head over to one of the many blogs, like the, and find a way to eat well, without having to pay a king’s ransom for it.

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