Eating That Roast Whenever You Want


Ok, so how many times have you been up at some ungodly hour, with a wicked case of the munchies? And once upon a time, when commercials used to rule the airwaves, you would be forced to watch a fast food commercial, as you writhed back, and forth, with hunger pangs.

But every now, and again, you would get an infomercial that would pop up for ten, or even twenty, minutes at times. And some of these would be centered on cooking; and without fail, at some point in the program, the person talking would bring out a roast. When that roast would come out, I would lose my mind.

It never dawned on me, “Hey moron, how about you learn how to cook a roast?” So I did! And now, whenever I want a roast, it’s waiting for me to dig into it about 2 hours later. After today, you’ll be able to do the same. Enjoy . . . ROSEMARY AND GARLIC ROAST BEEF