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Thanks for taking the time to come check out my blog on healthy recipes anyone can put together. Unfortunately, there is a belief that many Americans have been “spoon-fed,” about good taking a long time to put together. Because of this, “fast food” has become the norm. When I write “fast food,” I don’t just mean the franchises. I mean fast food like microwave dinners, already-prepared meats in packages, already-cooked meats in cans, and on and on. Anything we can get our hands on and eat within a few minutes of deciding to is what I consider to be fast food.

If you would have brought up that idea to people fifty years ago, they would have looked at you strange. Fast food was something that was seen as “special.” On Fridays, and/or Saturdays, it was customary for Dad to come home with burgers for the family. Today, we can see people eating fast food from franchises as many as three to four times a week! The rest of the time, fast foods like microwaveable dinners and pre-packaged meals are what’s being eaten; so for all intents and purposes – people are eating fast food almost all the time!

This is sad, and totally unhealthy. Having a good, nutritious meal does not have to a long time to put together. My hope with this site is to be able to show how to do just that. Some of these meals will be prepared, others cooked. Some will take a few minutes to put together for those on the run, and others will take an hour, or more, for the food purists. Whatever the case, you can be sure that you will most likely find what you are looking for here. Once again, thanks for showing up, and I hope to keep seeing you again and again.

Take care – Susan

Being A Foodie Requires A Full Set Of Teeth

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Healthier Teeth Can Lead To A Healthier Life

I like to eat food. Yeah, I said it. It’s probably why I’m a few pounds overweight as of the writing of this post. I’m not going to sit here, and lie about it. I like to eat. I like to eat so much, I was forced to figure out a better way of eating to avoid gaining a massive amount of weight.

Unfortunately, cheap, processed food is available en masse. It’s easy to spend $100 on cheap groceries, and come home with food that will last for a week. If you spend that same money on quality food, it may last three or four days at the most. I know it sucks, but it is the way it is.

Here’s the thing though, if you have no teeth, or you’re missing enough teeth so that eating becomes difficult, than it doesn’t matter what kind of food you’re eating – you won’t be able to process your food the way nature intended; and this could lead to health problems down the line.

My father, who I loved dearly, was a great man . . . with poor dental habits. Because he did not place much value on his oral health, he suffered from a number of dental issues; one of them being missing teeth. He lost two teeth in the back of his mouth, on either side of his mouth, and over time, because these teeth were no longer in place, his other teeth began to shift.

Once this shift started taking place, he started to have food stay stuck in his mouth. Who knows how long that food would stay there before it was dislodged by other food later on down the line. I know, sounds pretty gross, right? Well, it was. The thing is, even if he had flossed regularly it would not have mattered all that much.  Sure his breath might have been a lot easier to deal with, but his health would have still taken a toll.

According to dental studies, without all your teeth in place, functioning properly, you position yourself to cut your normal lifespan down by as much as ten years. I don’t know about you, but life seems like it’s passing by awfully quickly these days. I want as many days on this earth as I can get before it’s my time to check out. This is why dental devices like dentures, crowns, and bridges were created.

Dentists understood that a mouth of healthy teeth, working together to break down food into mush the body can use to nourish itself, is vital to one’s long-term health. One of the new procedures dentists are using to help people create that for people is what’s known as a dental implant.

If I had known about dental implants when my father was alive, I would have had him sign up for some – that’s for sure! They are amazing, and I don’t use that term lightly. What a dentist does is drill into your jawbone, and implants a metal device into the bone. I know, this must sound crazy to you, but it’s real.

The device, over the course of time, merges with the bone, and becomes a part of your mouth. Later on the dentist goes back in, opens the gum line again, finds the implant, and places what’s known as an abutment into the implant. The abutment is what connects the implant to the crown. The crown is cemented on top of the abutment – and this is, basically, your new tooth.

Interestingly enough, these implants work just as well as a real tooth. You can do just about anything, and everything, you would do with a real tooth, with an implant. Living in Brooklyn at the time, my father would have had a hard time figuring out who to call to make that happen. There was not much information on implants at the time, and the internet was in it’s infancy. Today however, there is an overabundance of information online today, and although there are many dentists that offer implants, I would have had my father call the Tooth Implant Pros of Brooklyn.

This is a network of cosmetic dentists that offer specialized cosmetic services, dental implants being one of them. When you call them up, the number will most likely be forwarded to one of the dentists that represent them for Brooklyn NY. They have a representative in Queens, with offices looking to open up in other major cities around the country as well.

If an implant is what you think you need, then set up the free examination they offer. Without a full mouth of teeth, you are not going to be able to set there, and with peace of mind, chow down on some of the great recipes we will be offering here on this site.